About US

We are pleased to have this opportunity to introduce you to NCC and its history
in the United Arab Emirates.

The company was established in Abu Dhabi in 1995 with a focus in general
contracting work. In 2008, we established a branch in Dubai 2008. NCC is an
ISO certified company with ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ISO14001.

In early 1997 we launched our tunneling division using the state of the art micro
tunneling technology and pipe jacking method. Since that time we have
successfully constructed and more than 80 KM of pipe lines of varying diameters
by the non-disruptive method using the ISEKI TCC 600, ISEKI TCC 800,
HERRENKNECHT AVN 600, AVN 800B, AVN 800A, AVN 1000, AVN 1200,
AVN 1400, AVN 1600, AVN 1800 & AVN 2500 micro tunneling machines in
diverse ground conditions, with and without ground water tables at different soil

Pipe lines constructed by the non-disruptive method were primarily in the Emirate
of Abu Dhabi for such clients as Abu Dhabi Municipality, Abu Dhabi Sewerage
Services Company (ADSSC), the public works and ADWEA & TRANSCO (ADDC).
We have also carried out tunneling works in Dubai for Dubai Municipality and
M/s. DEWA, as well as in Sharjah and Ajman for the local municipalities.

The construction of pipe lines utilizing the non-disruptive method has been carried
out by using micro tunneling technologies in two ways: (a) by encasing the carrier
pipe which in most cases GRP/GRE with a reinforced concrete and jack it directly
to the correct line and level or (b) by jacking a steel or RC pipe as a sleeve,
installing the carrier pipe in side it and grouting the annulus space by a non-shrink
grout or a foam concrete.

We have constructed more than 1300 lines with lengths varying from 35meters to
500 meters utilizing the non-disruptive method. As part of our continued growth
and development, we have recently equipped the company to carry out long drives
of up to 600 meters for pipe diameters of 1200mm & above, and an internal
diameter of up to 3 meters. The constructed pipelines were related to 90 projects in
the U.A.E. for sewerage, Irrigation and water pipe lines.

We have successfully jacked more than 140 Km of pipelines, ranging from 500mm
to 3000mm in internal diameter, crossing under existing road (sub main & main
roads), existing services, and existing gas and fuel lines and under lakes. We have
further successfully jacked pipes with a cover ranging from 2 meter to 30 meters in
varying soil conditions.

The company currently owns 25tunneling machines. Our machines are sourced from
leading manufacturers of tunneling machines to ensure we remain at the cutting
edge of the tunneling business. Two (2) of our machines are manufactured by
ISEKI-Japan and twenty three (23) are manufactured by Herrenknecht – Germany.
The machines are of varying diameters and can jack pipes from 500mm ID to
3000mm ID pipes



tunneling machines


lines constructed

+ km

of pipelines jacked


projects in the U.A.E.
NCC is an ISO certified company with : ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 certificates.
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